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What is the Food Renewal Licence?

FSSAI simply knows as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. A person engaged in Food business must have read about the FSSAI Licence, its Registration and Renewal. The licence is mandatory before operating a business. All traders and manufacturers are asked to get registered and get a 14- digit licence number which is further printed on the food packages with FSSAI Logo. The FSSAI certificate is issued for 1 year with the choice of expanding the validity to 5 years. After that licence expires and FBO has to issue a food licence renewal in order to maintain the flow of working as a Food business operator.

Consequences of Non-Renewal of Food License

If you do not want to the enforcement of any penalty, then keep your FSSAI license up-to-date. You are notified to renew your FSSAI license before its expiry, it is always better to ask for FSSAI registration renewal, the time you receives the notification.

You must go for FSSAI registration renewal 30 days before the expiration of the license to avoid the fines of late renewal of food license.

However take a note that the FSSAI License will remain to be in force, during the time the orders on the renewal application are transferred in the favour of the applicant. It must not be exceeding 30 days from the date of expiry of registration or license.

Procedure of Food License Renewal

Offline FSSAI Renewal

The method to renew your food license can be done offline by the mentioned steps:

  • Filing up the FORM A or FORM B based on the eligibility of the food business for a particular kind of license ( State, Central or basic)
  • Add a self-attested statement required to comply with the regulations of the FSSAI Act.
  • Authority gets your application, examine and provides for an inspection of the FBO’s in working premises.
  • If the officer is satisfied with the compliance with the regulations of the FBO, they will transfer the application and the report of the inspection.
  • After this, in about 60 days of authority issues a renewal of the food licence.
  •  In any case, the FSSAI renewal is not allotted within 60 days of submission of the application, the FBO can lead to their business operation without the renewal system

Online FSSAI Renewal

To obtain the FSSAI License Renewal online, an FBO has to follow some steps that are : 

  • Log in/Sign up for an account
  • Apply for Renewal by clicking relevant links
  • Upload needed documents
  • Upon successful submission of the application, you will be given an application reference number to maintain track of the status of the application for the renewal of food license.

Getting a Food License or Renewing Food License

FSSAI is liable for issuing food licenses. Whether you are a manufacturer, transporter, wholesaler or retailer everyone included in the food supply chain, it is necessary to obtain a Food License.

Some steps and procedures require to be followed before a license is allotted to you. There are 3 kinds of licenses:-

  • Basic License:For businesses having a Turnover is less than ₹12 Lakh
  • State License: For businesses having Turnover is within ₹12 Lakh to ₹20 Crore
  • Central License: For businesses having Turnover is more than ₹20 Crore

Apart from this, there are different parts like business location, states of operation etc are required while estimating the type of the license.

Step 1: Submission of application form

Whether you are planning to appeal for a new license or renewing the license, the application forms for both the process are same. According to FSSAI guidelines, you require to fill form B to appeal for a new FSSAI License or renew the current one.

Step 2: Documents required

The Application form is the preliminary step. Once the form is filled, there are documents linked to your business commencement are required to attach. These documents like a print out of the submitted application form B, a self-attested copy of declaration form, Copy of authority letter from Director, partner or proprietor etc. All are mentioned below in the documents required section.

Step 3: Charges Payment

Payment of the fees depending on the nature of your business and which license you are applying for.

Once all these documents are filled, you need to send them to the licensing authorities for further verification. In case any additional details or documents would be asked by the authority, they would tell you within 15 days of the submission of application. Accordingly, you need to provide the details within the time mentioned by the authorities.

Step 4: Application ID number

After the receipt of all the documents, the FSSAI would provide you with an Application ID number. This ID would be required for future communication with the authorities.

Step 5: Verification

According to the rules and regulations laid down by FSSAI, on receipt of the application ID, an inspection team would visit your premises to verify the details submitted. The inspection of the property is done keeping in mind all the safety and hygiene standards are maintained to run your business. They can guide you as well as ask you to make changes to ensure general sanitary and hygienic conditions. They would provide you with a time frame to conduct those changes. After 30 days, the authorities may want to re-check the premises or grant a license or even reject a license.

Step 6: License issue

Once FSSAI is satisfied with all the documents and inspections, they can decide you to provide a license number to operate your food business. You must have a copy of the license displayed on your premises.

Food License Renewal After Expiration

Getting the FSSAI License does not complete your task. It is expected to be renewed before the expiry of the validity period for which it has been taken. In case you have dropped out the date to renew the application, i.e. not later than 30 days before the expiration, appeal for fresh FSSAI license, if you wish to continue the food business operations.

Documents Required Food License Renewal

The FSSAI Renewal Licence is of 3 types that are basic, state and central and has documentation according to this. Here is the list of documents needed concerning the different eligibility criteria of the FSSAI Certificate.

Basic FSSAI License Renewal

  • Passport Size Photograph of Applicant
  • Identification Proof (voter ID or Aadhar Card )
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof as Telephone, Mobile, Electricity or Gas Bill
  • Copy of Property papers (If owned)
  • Copy of Rent Agreement and NOC of the landlord (if rented property)
  • VAT or Service Tax registration certificate

State and State FSSAI License Renewal

  • Complete address and contact details of the List of Proprietor / Partners / Directors/ Executive Members of Society
  • Latest Passport sized Photograph of the Applicant
  • Identification proof (Voter ID card or Aadhaar Card)
  • PAN Card
  • Partnership Deed, MOA or AOA of the firm
  • Copy of Certificate obtained under the Co-Operative Act, 1861 in case of Co-Operatives
  • Copy of Rent Agreement and NOC of the landlord (if rented property)
  • NOC from the manufacturer in case of Distributor
  • NOC from Municipality or local body

Documents Required in Manufacturing and Processing Units Licence Renewal

The FSSAI Renewal Licence is of 3 types that are basic, state and central and has documentation according to this. Here is the list of documents needed concerning the different eligibility criteria of the FSSAI Certificate.

  • Blueprint plan or Layout plan of the processing unit giving the dimensions in meters or square meters and operation-wise space allocation.
  • Listing the name, number, installed capacity and horsepower used in equipment and machinery
  • List of food category wanted to be manufactured.
  • Letter of Authority from the responsible person specified by the manufacturer with name and address. Along with alternative responsible person showing the powers vested with them by helping the officers in inspections, several samples, packing & dispatch.
  • Report on Analysis i.e Chemical and Bacteriological of water to be used as a component in food from a known public health laboratory.
  • Water contamination report of pesticide residue
  • Production unit photograph

Food License Validity Period in India

An FSSAI license can be taken for a time-varying from 1- 5 years. At the time of appealing for FSSAI License, one may choose for how long he/she wishes to get the FSSAI License. The prices for the FSSAI License also vary as per the number of years taken for FSSAI registration. All the FBOs must begin its food business only after receiving the valid FSSAI license. To maintain the business it is expected to be renewed before the expiry of the FSSAI License validity.

If your food license expiry is coming closer stay alert and remember you have to apply 30 days before the FSSAI License registration Expiry date.

Fines will be forced if you ignore FSSAI registration renewal, so it is always advised to keep a note on FSSAI license expiry date.

Compliance Checking

When you appeal to renew FSSAI license, FSSAI plans for an inspection of your registered FBO’s premises to inspect for compliance with regulations. The regulations which have been set by FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards Act are reviewed by a Food Safety Officer. The officer notes for compliance, quality of products facilities, working environment, food treatment techniques of the operators. In respects to the same, the Food Safety Officer specifies or marks the FBO’s compliance levels

  • Compliance(C)
  • Non-Compliance(NC)
  • Partial Compliance
  • Not Applicable/Not Observed (NA)An E-Code document issued by DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)
  • Along with the Board Resolution the Form IX Nomination of Persons by a Company

Important points about Food License Renewal

Here are some essential points to be seen for the FSSAI renewal procedure:

  • Non-Renewal of the FSSAI License can point to a penalty.
  • The Food License currently allotted to the FBO will be put in the Renewal Bin 60 days before the date of expiry. FBOs are recommended to appeal for renewal soon their license is about to expire.
  • FBOs must apply for the food license renewal 30 days before the expiry of licence. In case of delays, a fine of ₹ 100 per day will be charged on the FBO.
  • In case of changes to the renewal application, make sure to get in touch with the designated officer (DO) who give you a tracking ID receipt number

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